Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Wedding Gift Savings: Look Beyond the Registry

I am a fan of buying wedding gifts from registries because I know it will be something the couple likes and wants. However, sometimes you can find the exact same thing from their registry somewhere else for a better deal. Of course, the key here is to make sure it is indeed the exact same thing (brand, color, size, style, etc.). It's also best to send/give this gift early. Once they get it and realize it is from a store at which they did not register, they can mark it off their registry before someone else buys it. Also, make sure the recipient gets a gift receipt and/or the packing slip so that they can return/exchange it if need be.

Let me give you an example by looking at a 5-piece place setting of our fine china by Lenox.

If I were to buy the place setting tonight, here are the prices I'd pay at various online retailers where we are registered. (Note: I've chosen the least expensive shipping method in each scenario.)

Macy's (through registry linked with
Price: $158.00
Tax: $7.90
Shipping: $17.95
Total: $183.85

Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Price: $109.99
Tax: $5.50
Shipping: $11.95
Total: $127.44

Price: $109.99
Tax: $6.30
Shipping: $15.95
Total: $132.24

Now, let's look at the exact same place setting at retailers where we are not registered. (not through the registry)
Price: $109.99
Tax: $5.50
Shipping: $15.95
Total: $131.44
Price: $109.95
Tax: $0
Shipping: $0
Total: $109.95
Price: $109.85
Tax: $5.52
Shipping: $12.95
Total: $128.32
Price: $109.00 **Includes a free pasta/soup bowl from this pattern (value $70)!
Tax: $0
Shipping: $8.95
Total: $117.95

Now you can see that the lowest over all price is from and the best deal is from because they offer a free bowl. ( did have this deal recently but not currently.) Once again, it pays to shop around!

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1 comment:

Kate said...

That's fabulous advice! As long as you include a gift receipt, it's actually the same as their registry item, and give it early, it should be very well-received.