Thursday, February 12, 2009

Price of Stamps is Going Up Again

I just read that the price of first class postage stamps is going up another 2 cents in May. I still have a few Forever Stamps that I bought last year before the price increase. I guess I need to count how many I actually have on hand and then estimate how many we'll need for the next year.

We don't use stamps a lot anymore. We still pay three of our bills by check, but the rest are done electronically. I like paying for as much as possible, including the bills, with my credit cards in order to reap the cash back rewards. We put that money in our Travel Fund. (Of course, we pay the credits off each month. There's no savings if you are paying finance charges!)

I'm planning to actually send Christmas cards this year. (Despite my original plan, I only did a few in 2008 -- as many as I could write while I was in the waiting room as my sister had knee surgery.) So, I need to figure out how many stamps that will be.

Yes, I will work on saving every little bit I can, even in postage. That doesn't help the economy -- and definitely not the post office. In fact, I'll be pretty sad if they cut back mail delivery to 5 days a week as they are considering. Since I was a little kid, I have always loved seeing what came in the mail. Of course, these days it's mostly junk or bills. But still, there's something exciting about seeing what's there. So, I guess by paying most of my bills online and then buying Forever Stamps before the price goes up, I might be contributing to the demise of 6 day delivery. But I'll take every little bit that helps our bottom line and progress towards our savings goals...even if it means one less day each week of seeing what the mail man brought.

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