Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Plants & Mulch

This month I have a tip posted on's Frugal $ense Tip Contest. I hope you'll vote for mine (entitled Free Plants & Mulch) with the highest rating (7 on a scale of 1-7). Here is the link where you can read the tip and vote. The winner gets $100 from

If you can get your friends and family to vote 7 for my tip too, I'd really appreciate it. The contest ends June 30, 2009 (despite the fact it currently says May 31st). So, vote before the end of this month. Thank you!

The editors actually truncated the tip I submitted. Too bad because there was an additional good point about using Freecycle and Craigslist. But just for you Save 4 Fun readers, I'll post the whole thing here:

When planning yard landscape, consider looking to friends, family, and neighbors for new plants. Take advantage of their surplus and no-longer-wanted plants when they are thinning out their flowerbeds. I’ve filled our yard with beautiful flowers for free. My parents gave us some daffodil bulbs from their yard. A coworker thinned out her irises and gave me some. I got some daylilies from someone on who needed them removed so he could use the space for a vegetable garden. ( and are great sources for free plants, including shrubbery, perennials, herbs, groundcover, etc.) Also, I get free mulch from my county’s waste management department. Like many municipalities, they turn brush and leaf pick-up into mulch and offer it to residents free of charge.

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