Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Tried Freecycle Again & Scored!

As I've previously mentioned, I'm working on a project for my wedding reception for which I need 4"x6" and 5"x7" picture frames -- lots of them -- probably about 50. It would be way out of my budget to buy them full-price, even inexpensive ones ($2.99 at Target). Goodwill has them at $1.99 each, but that's still out of my price range.

So, I've had to dig deep into the world of deals: yard sales. I've done rather well. My friend's mom and my future mother-in-law have also been collecting some from yard sales and thrift stores they've shopped in recently too. My collection of frames is growing, but I could use some more.

When I first had this idea, I posted a "wanted" ad on Freecycle to see if someone would give me some frames. I didn't get any offers. I did find a few on there in offer ads that I was able to get. However, the other night I thought, let me ask again. And I had two people offer me a total of 6 frames!

I figured it was worth asking the Freecycle group again. There's no way everyone is reading all of those ads all of the time. I just needed to catch the right people at the right time. And it worked this time!

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Angela said...

Hi! I found your blog from another blog and just wanted to comment. I'm quite like you but a little less organized and really love to save money and get a good deal!

I'm glad you got some frames on Freecycle. I'm signed up for it, too, but don't always read everything because it is so much. I think I'll go read my Freecycle e-mails :). Have a good day!

Kristen said...

After your wedding, let me know if you need to find a home for some of the frames. I'd love to buy some from you!

Betsy said...

Angela - I don't read all of the messages I get from Freecycle either. It would consume all of my time if I did! However, when I have something I want (i.e. frames) or something I want to give away, I tune into Freecycle at that point.

Thanks for stopping by Save 4 Fun. I hope you'll come back.

Kristen - just don't forget to remind me about the frames after the wedding. :-)