Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Coupon Code Success Story

A good friend and Save 4 Fun reader emailed me yesterday all excited about a deal she got on a baby gift. I do love a bargain, so I thought I'd share it with all of you too. Here's what she wrote:

Just had to tell you about the good deal I got...I was ordering a gift for a neighbor who just had a baby. It's her 2nd son, born in the same season as the 1st, so I didn't want go to the clothes or toy route. So, I thought of a brothers picture frame. I found one that I could personalize with their names. It was on sale online, but shipping was $8.95. geez...so I Goggled for a coupon code for that company, and sure enough there one was for $5.00 off. I never do go hunting for coupon codes on the web, b/c I rarely purchase anything online. I was so excited to save $5! Just thought I'd share my good savings with ya!

Hurrah for searching out a deal on a great gift idea! And this goes to show that you really should hunt for coupon codes before shopping online.

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Kate said...

That's so fun! One nice aspect of the current economic climate is retailers are desperate. I sign up for the email mailers from stores I love and my inbox has been full of coupons for 10,15,20% off or free shipping. And I told you about the free organic milk, right? $4.99!

Betsy said...

Kate - you are right! The inbox is full of deals. I may have mentioned this in the past, but I have an email account dedicated to those advertising emails. I check it every day and have found some great stuff lately. I'll have to post about it in the near future.

And free $4.99 milk -- hurrah!!!