Saturday, February 23, 2008

Freezing More Food

Back in November, I wrote about Filling the Freezer. Reading Erin Huffstetler's article entitled I Can Freeze That? on, I've learned that there are even more foods that I can freeze. I'm going to have to try her tip on freezing fresh herbs. I always hate when I have to buy a big bunch of herbs when I only need a little bit in a recipe. Inevitably, I end up throwing away the rest. Sometimes I might skip the herb (but that usually really takes away from the dish) or see if I have it in the dried version (but that's not the same and it's also not always possible, as in the case of cilantro). However, the frozen version of the fresh herbs might help solve this problem.

One thing that freezes well that Erin didn't mention in her article is an onion. Sometimes I only need part of an onion for a recipe. While the remaining portion can be kept in the refrigerator for a while, I don't usually get around to using it before it has gone bad. I've found out that you can freeze onions. So, I'll chop or slice the remaining part and then put it in a freezer bag or container. The next time I need to cook with an onion, I just get it out of the freezer. It's already chopped or sliced, which makes things faster for meal preparation.

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