Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saving on Airfare

Last weekend Michael and I decided to book the airfare for our honeymoon. Michael had looked on the usual sites like to figure out what the best deal was. However, he also took the time to figure out which carriers service both our home airport and the one in our vacation destination. Then, just to be sure we had the best deal, he looked at the websites of those airlines. Guess what? He found a lower deal than Kayak told him was available!

I was really glad that he took the time to figure this out. However, I will always try to stretch beyond the lowest deal and see what kind of extras I can get on top of that, like Upromise credit or an extra cashback bonus through Discover Card's ShopDiscover program. They aren't partners with American, so no deal there. But then, I flipped open my Entertainment Book and found American Airlines in the index! They had a coupon code for an additional 5% off any airfare worldwide that is $150 or more for up to 6 passengers.

Yippee! The coupon code worked, and we saved an additional $25.80. The Entertainment Book is awesome! (Incidentally, you can get it at a great discount this time of year.)

And actually I got another deal by using my Discover Card. They are offering 5% cashback (on top of the usual incentive) in their Get More program this quarter for travel purchases up to $800. Fantastic!

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