Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deal of the Weekend

Like I wrote in Holiday Lights & Displays - Part 1 last Friday, Michael and I had planned to go see the Alexandria Holiday Boat Parade of Lights this past Saturday. It was our 3 year dating anniversary. He was going to also cook dinner afterwards. Oh, I thought...a boy after my heart -- cooking at home (and saving some money!). While cooking a special meal at home would have been a great idea for my "Deal of the Weekend," Michael had other -- secret -- plans for me!

I went to his apartment that evening expecting to do what we had planned. However, when I got there, he said he wanted to give me a gift before we left to see the boats. It was a photo book from Kodak Gallery -- a very cool, hard-bound book with a black leather cover. It was entitled "The Story of Michael & Betsy." Over our 3 years together, we've gone to a lot of places, done a lot of cool things, and taken a lot of pictures. So, he had compiled some of our favorites in this book along with some others that he took on his own of places like where we met and our first date location.

Now, I imagine you can tell where this is leading, but at the time I was clueless (which is actually unusual because I'm pretty hard to surprise). One of the reasons that I thought it was simply a very nice gift (and nothing else) is that over the years I've given him quite a few gifts made from our pictures. I love Kodak Gallery! One of the things I've given him from there is a Christmas snowflake ornament with the first picture taken of the two of us together. Then, last year for our 2 year dating anniversary I made him a cool accordion greeting card with several good shots from that year. So, I just thought that he was finally giving me a gift made with some of our pictures.

I read the book and enjoyed looking at the photos. Then, at the end, the captions read, "After three year of dating, they were as happy as can there was but one question for Michael to ask..." On the last page, there is a picture of Michael in a suit, down on one knee with a ring in an open jewelry box, and it reads, "Betsy, WILL YOU MARRY ME?!?!?"

I said YES! and then he gave me a very lovely ring that he had hidden in his pocket! What a nice story, huh?!

We made a bunch of phone calls to our immediate family, and then decided that we were too excited to actually cook dinner. So, we went to Old Town to walk around for a little while (but only saw a couple of boats...I found out later that whole thing was actually just a ploy). Then, we went to dinner to celebrate at an Italian restaurant on King Street where we had one of first few dates. It was a nice evening! And no coupons were even involved. :-) But that's okay because by having Michael propose to me (and in such a sweet way), I definitely got the deal of the weekend!

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Teresa said...

I definitely think you got the deal of the weekend! Congrats :)

Betsy said...

Thanks, Teresa! Now, I'm going to have work on finding some wedding deals...

Kristi said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news.