Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Budget Article in the Loudoun Times Mirror

I had the good fortune on Monday to speak with Lina Hashem, a reporter from the Loudoun Times Mirror, about some of my savings tips. The interview with me was mostly in regards to Coupon Mom's website. The whole article has some good ideas and inspiring money-saving stories. Read Trimming the Budget Without Trimming the List. (Kudos to Kim Jenkins of Leesburg for racking up on some awesome deals on toys!)

For me, it's fun to share my savings tips and to find out what ideas other people have. I hope folks in Loudoun County find Lina's article useful and make their way to Save 4 Fun on a regular basis. It's exciting that Lina referenced my January 5 post of this blog.

Lina mentions Target's clearance items in the article. I know where all of the clearance sections are in my Target store (mostly end caps in out-of-the-way areas). I always make it a point to swing past these sections every time I'm in the store. While I don't find something I need or want on every visit, I do often find great deals.

I've noticed that some of the best clearance items at Target are in the health and beauty section. Sometimes they'll get a promotional package of lotion, toothpaste, or the like. It might have extra ounces or a sample of another product attached for free. (For example, 30% more lotion for free or a free toothbrush attached to the package of toothpaste.) They don't always keep those things on the regular shelves until they sell out. After a certain period of time, they'll move them to the clearance section. So, you might get a larger size of a product you want on clearance for 15%-50% less than the regular size on the regular shelf. You just have to look for the areas of each department that have the big red "Clearance" signs and see what good stuff might be there. I've found it's worth the extra minute to take a look.

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