Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Frugal $ense Pick for January

This month Bankrate.com has several tips on their Frugal $ense Contest that I really like. Picking just one favorite was a little difficult. However, for being unique, I'm going with Brenda's Host a dinner and eat for a week idea. The thought of gathering friends for an evening together and getting a week's worth of food after only making one casserole is awesome! I guess the one draw back is it doesn't work well if you (or some of your friends) are married and/or have children. But it would be great for a group of single friends.

Well, here's an idea for 3 couples: each couple brings 1 casserole that serves 6. Like Brenda suggests, only eat the one that the host cooks. Then, divide up the other two for everyone to take home. Each couple would get 2 two-serving dinners to go. Still a good deal!

Whether it's 6 singles or 3 couples, I think you'd also have to add some things to make it a full meal for a group (since you only get one serving). The group could divide up the extras: appetizers, salad, bread, drinks, desserts...and maybe the host gets off adding nothing else other than the location (including set-up and clean-up).

If you like this tip, vote "7" for Brenda this month! The contest ends January 31.

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