Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's Included in That Membership Fee?

Since Michael and I announced our engagement, my sister Angie has been working hard to reduce her expenses and save. We've lived together for 7 years, and now she's losing her roommate -- and thinking about buying a house on her own. Angie's not super carefree with her spending, but she has examined her financial habits and has realized that she can definitely do better by just putting a little thought into it. She wanted to share one of her own saving stories for my blog. So, here it is...

Angie: "I started working out at a small gym with a friend because of the 'Boot Camp' class they offered. I wanted to mix up my workout from my regular routine at my Gold's Gym. After Boot Camp, I decided to add a Spin class to my schedule two days a week for about $15 a class. The class was great because it was in the morning. I could take it and then head straight to work. The instructor (a friend of a friend) was decent. Then, when I wanted to start saving money, I knew I would have to drop something. I hated the thought of giving up the Spin class, but I had to cut back my expenses. So, I finally looked into my Gold's membership package that I started in 2001. Turns out the $41.95 membership fee I pay monthly includes all of their classes! I had totally over looked this benefit because when I started at Gold's I was not a 'fitness class' sort of person. I admit that I was skeptical in the beginning. Would the instructor be any good? Would I actually get a bike at a big, busy gym? Would the class schedule be convenient? But it's all worked out really well. I had nothing to worry about! In fact, I just had things to gain -- to the tune of about $120 per month!"

So, whether it's a gym membership, benefits at work, homeowner association/apartment complex amenities, take a closer look and see what you are already entitled!

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