Monday, January 14, 2008

Saving on the Road

Michael and I just got back from our first wedding planning trip to NC. Just like my parents did when I was a kid, I stocked a little cooler with cans of Coke, bottles of water, and some snacks. Having those things on hand saved us from picking up expensive convenience store items.

The cooler stash also helped us save when we stopped for lunch. Yesterday, two fountain drinks at Burger King would have cost us $2.35. Instead, I got a 12-pack of Coke several weeks ago on sale at Harris Teeter for $2.03 (which includes tax). So, that's about 17 cents per can!

If we take one road trip per month between now and the wedding and stop to eat going down and coming home, at this savings rate on drinks with our fast food meals, we would save $32. For basically no inconvenience (just a little planning before hitting the road), we could feed another person or two at the reception. Since coupons for wedding vendors either don't exist or are very rare, I'll take these other savings as they come!

Even if you aren't taking road trips, think about how this could add up if you like to have a soft drink at work for lunch every day! (Of course, if you can drink good tap or filtered water instead for free, all the better.)

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