Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ads Are True to Life

Michael and I both got out of work early today, so we decided to swing by a jewelry store to look at wedding bands. They were having a grand opening in a new location downtown. While we were there, I had to laugh to myself because I thought I was in an ING or Feed the Pig commercial!

I don't need or want anything particularly fancy. Just a simple wedding band that will complement my very lovely engagement ring. It hasn't been easy since my e-ring isn't the standard solitaire. I want something nice since I will be wearing every day for the rest of my life, but not something outrageously expensive. Anyway, one of the designer representatives at this event was telling me that I "needed" something more fancy (read: expensive) than I was asking if they had available. "Oh, wow! Yes, that's lovely..."

No worries! We weren't planning to buy anything today anyway. But as I snapped back to reality, I had to laugh. It's just like this commercial on and ING's "Retail Therapy" advertisement.

I will be feeding my pig on the road to happiness! And a more modest wedding band will be just fine.

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1 comment:

Kate said...

Yay for you! I think a lot of wedding-related retailers use the emotional aspect of the event to their advantage.

I love my $100 titanium wedding band with the millgrain edge. And the jewelry store was saying it would be so expensive since Ti is so rare. Um, no, rare at your store maybe. (I was a science teacher and hubby is a petroleum engineer, so we know how common Ti is). So we got it online. It's indestructible and light!

And... I am so pleased that we're not like many couples we know who are still making payments on their rings.