Friday, March 7, 2008

Save on Parking Fees When Traveling

When I'm looking to book a hotel, I always look at the options that are available in different parts of the area in which we want to stay before making the reservation. I look to see if any of the hotels charge for parking. Especially in major cities, almost all of the downtown properties charge $10+ per night for parking. So, if it works with our itinerary, I’ll pick a suburban or airport property and drive a few extra miles in order to get free parking at the hotel.

Sure, we might have to still pay for daily parking when we get into the city, but not always. Many places offer free parking on weekends or at least on Sundays. Regardless, daily parking is almost always less expensive than overnight parking. Plus, just because we stay in the downtown area, it doesn't mean that every place we want to visit is within walking distance of the hotel. So, we'd have to pay daily parking anyway if we move the car from the hotel. And even with the high price of gas now, driving a little extra distance is usually cheaper than the hotel parking fee. Depending on the city, safe and reliable public transportation may be available from nearby a hotel that is farther away. That may be another more economical way to get around than staying downtown and incurring the overnight parking fee.

It's worth checking into what the parking charges will be before making a reservation. Especially if you are staying more than one night, those fees can really run up your hotel bill.

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