Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buy from a Wedding Gift Registry & Save for Charity

When buying a wedding gift, you may be able to help support the wedding couple's favorite charity. is partners with a number of major stores and their gift registries. If you buy a wedding gift at one of these stores after linking to its website through, up to 3% of the purchase price is given to the charity that the couple has designated.

Here's how it works:

The couple registers for gifts at one of the following places (in the store or online):
JC Penney
Crate & Barrell
Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware
Tiffany & Co.
Neiman Marcus
Barneys New York
Starwood Honeymoon Collection
Sandals Resorts
Charity Registry
Honeymoon Registry
Cloud 9 Living

Then, they go to to select their favorite national charity to link to their registry at one or more of these places. There are about 100 different charities to choose from in the categories of children, youth, & families, community development, education, environment, health, and social justice.

After that is set up, each time someone uses to buy you a gift from one of the registries linked with their site, will make a donation to the couple's selected charity. There is no cost to the couple or to the gift-buyer.

If you know someone who has a gift registry at one of these stores but you don't see the name of a charity listed at the top of their registry online (accessed through, let them know about this feature. Your gift purchased this way will generate a donation to a great charity!

You can read more about this program at

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1 comment:

Kate said...

I think that's such a cool idea! I signed up for Reading is Fundamental (I still have my RIF book). I even bought gifts after the wedding with gift money (if shipping wasn't an issue) through the site. I do kind of wish that I knew how much they got.