Monday, March 3, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Good question. I didn't go to the grocery store this weekend, so as of this afternoon, the answer was "Not much!" I knew I had a few staple items in the pantry and freezer, so that gave me a starting point. I went to one of my favorite recipe websites called and put "chicken" and "cream of chicken soup" into their ingredient search. It came up with a huge list of options. I found one that looked tasty, easy, relatively quick to make, and that wasn't going to cost a fortune in additional ingredients. I also realized that I had another one of the ingredients at home already: black beans.

So, I picked up a few more items on the way home from work. I had a pretty good dinner and will have leftovers for later in the week too.

Stocking up on staple foods that are either non-perishable and/or that freeze well is great. Get them when they go on sale. Then plug a few of the items into's ingredient search and find something good to make for dinner. If you get a number of the ingredients on sale in advance, it reduces the over cost of the recipe.

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recipe finder said...

Freezing is a great idea. I never realized how much you can freeze. I freeze everything from tomato paste to herbs. I use ice cube trays to make "portions" and then put them into a plastic container.

Betsy said...

Oh yes - I'm a big fan of freezing food. Like I mentioned in a recent post, I have just learned about freezing herbs. I look forward to giving that a try!

Kate said...

I have a friend who sells Homemade Gourmet, which isn't cheap, but it definitely encourages cooking at home with limited ingredients as well as freezing. And not eating out because we're too tired to cook, rather than it being an occasion or somehow special.

Just tonight I came home and we only had broccoli and chicken breasts. Then I found a bread mix and some hot pepper rub. Much better than frozen pizza or eating out.