Monday, March 17, 2008

Stretching One Meal Into Three?!

Michael is a big fan of the Lone Star Steakhouse that's near his apartment. This past Saturday night he had a craving for it. I don't usually like chain restaurants very much, but this one is decent. The prices are average for that kind of food. What irks me is that I can never find any coupons for this place. However, I don't mind going there too much because I always have leftovers to take home.

I usually get the beef medallions (9 oz) and shrimp (5 of them), and the entrees come with 2 side items. This really is more food than one person needs at a meal. So, I ate my entire side salad (which is a decent size). Then, I ate all of the shrimp and half of the steak and half of the baked potato. I took the rest of the steak and potato home for lunch the next day. So, just like I've mentioned before, I could stretch one meal into two.

However, they also always give us a mini loaf of bread before our meal. We usually each eat a tiny bit of it. It seems wasteful to have them throw the rest away because we didn't eat it. So, I pack it up in my to-go box. And then I get my third meal -- bread for breakfast!

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1 comment:

Kate said...

Those are great ideas! And I like the idea of putting the bread into your to-go box. You're right--they're just going to throw it away.

And much classier than me wrapping up the Red Lobster cheesy rolls in paper towels and shoving them in my pockets like I did in college. That was just sad. And greasy. =)