Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stretching One Meal Into Two

As I've mentioned previously, I like reading Bankrate's Frugal $ense contest tips. Another one of my favorites is from Nora Davis of St. Louis. You can read the full article about her tip here. Basically she's saying that if you go to a restaurant that serves big portions, save half of it for another meal.

Last night, Michael and I went to Southside 815 (with an $11 coupon from the Entertainment Book). I had the very yummy Gulf-Spiced Chicken Breast. It comes with a large serving of black beans and rice and two chicken breasts. I will enjoy the second piece of chicken and some of the black beans and rice tonight for dinner. By stretching two dinners into three and using the coupon, it lowered the average price of each meal (including tax and tip) from $17.50 to $8.

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