Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Frugal $ense Pick for November

I'm a big fan of Bankrate's Frugal $ense Tip contest. I look forward to reading the new ones each month because I've gotten some good ideas from their readers who have submitted tips. Of course, there are the ones that I think are absolutely ridiculous or that just wouldn't work for me. But normally, there's at least one new good idea...

This month, my favorite is "Inexpensive Wedding Invitations." I guess I'm just not really a big card person (though I do actually love sending and receiving mail). So, the idea of finding super cheap wedding invitations is a great idea. Guests are just going to throw away (or recycle) that piece of paper after using it to remember the necessary details of the event's schedule and location. In this couple's case, the postcards of their wedding location sounded perfect and really inexpensive. The invitations ended up having a nice picture, gave the necessary info, and were super cheap. Actually when someone sends me a postcard, I leave it stuck on my refrigerator door far longer than any other mail I receive because it's usually a great photo. I suppose one could argue that there would be no RSVP card, but I think listing a phone number and/or email address would work just as well. (Of course, I'm also pretty casual...and practical...when it comes to this type of thing too. And they may have been able to save enough money to buy a nice dinner on their honeymoon without worry.) If they wanted, the couple could still frame the invitation using one of those two-sided glass frames so that they could save and display the card. Good idea, Janet White!

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Kristi said...

First of all, great job with the blog, Betsy! I'm hoping I can pick up some of your habits from reading it regularly. I've never been much of a saver outside of my 401k, but now that I bought a townhouse a few months ago, it's become a must.

Anyway, I was also going to add that e-cards are another way to save. I still buy traditonal cards for people I will see in person, but for those who I won't, an e-card conveys just as much thought, and there are many sites that offer them for free.