Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When It's Not Even Worth "Free"

Some things aren't even worth "free" -- meaning, I don't want it even if you give it to me. Last night Michael and I had that experience. We went to see a screening of Margot at the Wedding with Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black. The tickets were free because I won them through Ytic, an online entertainment guide for DC. I only enter contests for movies that I think I might like. I was definitely wrong this time! That movie was so strange. I don't recommend it at all -- for fee or free -- don't waste your time or money.

A similar experience happened to us when I won tickets last year through the local NPR affiliate (WAMU) to see a modern dance performance at Lisner Auditorium. We got great seats on the second row of this sold out event. There was such a buzz of excitement before it started. I thought, "Wow! We must be in for something good." And the tickets were regular $50 each, so what a deal. Boy, I was wrong! It was one of the most painful two hours that Michael and I have spent in our lives. It was truly bizarre, but apparently, people who are into that kind of thing really enjoyed it. Walking back to the Metro that night as we discussed what we had just witnessed, I laughed so hard my stomach literally hurt. "People actually paid to see that!...and they liked it!" I was screaming laughing! After all, there we were in prime seats -- for free -- and we hated it. Michael threatened to never do anything for free with me again...I laughed even harder.

From then on, I have been more careful about what I get for free, especially tickets to events/shows. I can just leave it for someone who will actually like it. I'd been doing pretty good until last night. Luckily, Michael forgave me because I did buy him dinner (with a coupon of course!). ;-) And at least, we hadn't spent $19 (regular price for two tickets at that theater) to go see it.

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