Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deal for Veterans' Day

Happy Veterans' Day to all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the United States military! I appreciate your courage and bravery -- and for putting up with all of the "less glamorous stuff" that comes along with being in the military -- in order to keep this country strong and free.

On Tuesday, I will mail a Thanksgiving card to my friend Amy's husband who is currently serving in Western Iraq. I can only imagine that it would be nice to get a greeting card now and again from home if you are helping fight a war in a far off land. And it's fun to send mail too.

I agree with Kristi's comment (on the 11/8/07 posting) that e-cards are great. I really do enjoy getting email and e-cards from friends and family and sending them too. However, there is something nice about actually holding a card or letter in your hand...but mostly, finding a little treasure in the mail. Apparently, Craig agreed. He even wrote me back! What a nice surprise!

Especially with the holidays coming up, you might consider sending a card to a deployed service person even if you don't know one. The military will no longer accept mail addressed to "Any Solider," so ask around. You probably know someone, who knows someone, who is fighting the current war or is deployed elsewhere. Send them a greeting!

Postage to military addresses abroad (i.e. APO) is the same price as sending domestic mail. So, instead of the regular price of sending a card to Iraq (90 cents), it only costs 41 cents. What a deal!

Today, I went to the Dollar Tree to get some greeting cards. They sell decent ones for just 2 for $1! (Dollar General does too.) Even cheap cards at other places are usually a dollar, so 50 cents is a great deal. But I got them for even less! Discover Card sent me a coupon in a recent credit card statement for 10% off a $20 or more purchase at the Dollar Tree when I pay with my Discover Card. A coupon at the dollar store?! I really stocked up on cards. With the discount, they were only 45 cents each! (5% off each card since they are 2 for $1.) Most people read and then throw away cards anyway. Getting less expensive ones makes sense. Like I said, these cards are nice, so even if someone does keep it forever, it's good enough to be a keepsake. So, I'll be sending a little bit of happiness to Craig for less than one dollar! Now there's a deal!

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Betsy said...

Hey everyone - Teresa just told me that Wal-Mart has good greeting cards for 48 cents. Another great deal!