Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deal of the Weekend

Saturday night, Michael and I went to dinner at the Front Page restaurant in Arlington. They have really great food, and the atmosphere and service are nice too. Thanks to a contest I won on Coupon Mom's website, we had a $25 gift certificate from The total food bill was $35.89, but we got it for $10.89. Once we added in the tip (on the full amount), we only paid $17.50, which was 59% off! Mmmm...that made my grilled shrimp taste even better.

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1 comment:

Bryan said...

A great restaurant idea is using It's an online reservation system that’s currently in 21 large metropolitan areas (but expanding all the time). Making reservations through them gives you points and points add up to free food and gift cards! But, the two greatest things about it are:

1) It has a wide assortment of restaurants, fancy and not-so-fancy. So, if you're going somewhere that you'd never even think about making reservations, check and see if it's on there and make one online at the last minute...if you're going to eat there, might as well get some points for it.

2) Bonus points - every week restaurants will offer bonus points (1,000 - 2,000) if you book at a certain time (it's often a little bit before the dinner rush). That one meal has already gotten you enough points for a free appetizer!

And, if you use the online reservations AND have some other coupons (Entertainment Book, etc..., you're really getting into the spirit of saving).