Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Online Shopping & Shipping Tip

During the holiday shopping season, online merchants will often offer free shipping for either all purchases or for purchases over a certain dollar amount. When the latter is the case and I haven't reached the minimum amount to get free shipping with my intended purchase, I check to see how much the shipping charge is. If it is equal to or greater than the additional amount I would need to spend to be eligible for free shipping, I'll find something else to buy that will push my purchase to the minimum amount to get the deal.

For example, last December I wanted to give my boyfriend Michael new running shorts for Christmas. They cost $20. In order to be eligible for free shipping, I would have had to spend at least $25. Shipping for the shorts was going to cost $5. So, I found a package of socks that cost $5 and added them to my purchase. Then, I got the shorts and socks (including shipping) for the same price for which I could have gotten just the shorts with shipping. It was like getting the socks, which I added to his gift, for free!

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