Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deal of the Weekend

This past Saturday, Michael and I had a nice little date that was inexpensive. We got dinner from the prepared food section at Whole Foods. (I have to be careful in that place because I could go broke -- everything is so good!) I had a little sampling of about 10 different salads (and in that I got a little of everything spiced up in lots of great ways: veggies, cheeses, fruit, shrimp, chicken, beef, turkey, tofu, rice, and noodles). Michael chose some warm chili and corn bread for a cold night's dinner. That ran us $17 and some change. For the quality and variety of food, it's hard to beat that deal.

For entertainment and a nice evening at home, we decided to use a Blockbuster coupon he got from cashing in his Coke Rewards points. It included 2 movie rentals, 2 20-ounce bottles of Coke, and a tub of popcorn -- for free! (The total value at Blockbuster was $14.)

Coke Rewards doesn't make any sense for me since I don't drink that many Coca-Cola brand products. It's free, but I'd never collect enough points to earn any prizes. Michael does drink Coke on a regular basis (and other people, including me, give him the points they don't want), so it's a great way to get a little bonus for using something he normally does anyway.

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Kristi said...

Great idea to mention the Coke rewards points! I drink Diet Coke like it's going out of style (Bryan refers to it as my "coke habit") and I've saved up enough points to buy several week's worth of Coke for free.

Betsy said...

Kristi, you might do this already but...if you know other people who (like me) do buy Coke products but don't use their Coke Rewards, ask them for their points. You might as well cash in on someone else's "trash."