Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coupon Organizer

I have a coupon organizer -- you know, one of those little file folders to carry to the grocery store. It used to be my companion on every trip to the grocery or drug store. However, in the past few years I've used it less and less, even though I'm using coupons more and more. The main reason for this is that I now only clip and carry the coupons I need. I figure out which ones those are in advance with the help of Coupon Mom's website.

I use an old/used envelope (that is blank or nearly blank on one side) for my shopping list. (If I'm going to multiple stores, using one for each store works well.) Then, I tuck the coupons that correspond with items on that list inside the envelope. I'm all set when I get to the store. I know what I want to buy. I have the coupons ready. Shopping and saving are easy!

By the way, this system is great way to give new life to an old envelope that is otherwise trash!

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Kate said...


Seriously, I am so bad about coupons. And making lists. So this takes care of two problems at once.

Betsy said...

Thanks! :-) Good envelopes to use are those postage paid, return envelopes that often come in junk mail. They are usually completely blank on the back.

Sometimes I do have a hard time getting motiviated to make my shopping list. But it's so great to see how much I've saved at the bottom of my receipt!